DKM Used Pipe
DKM Used Pipe

Welcome to DKM Enterprises, LLC.

    DKM Enterprises is a family owned and operated steel salvage company and wholesale distributor of used steel materials. With three active generations of family whose combined experience totals over 80 years, DKM is consistent with not only the unparalleled customer service, honesty, determination and hard work of yesteryear; but also the modern techniques of today’s service industry, the competitive drive for new levels of success, and the quest to constantly accumulate knowledge and experience to assist in safe and thorough completion of any project, no matter the specifications.


    If you are a farmer, rancher, end user, or broker in search of high quality tubular products at a fraction of mill prices then you are in the right place. DKM offers a variety tubular products used for agricultural construction such as pens, fences, and barns; general construction such as road boring, road crossing, billboard post, sign post, slurry line, water well casing, and all areas of pipe used for piling applications; oil field applications such as rat hole, mouse hole, low pressure line material, and down hole casing. We also accept inquires for all steel products such as API pipe, New line Pipe, rebar, angle iron, channel iron, etc. DKM also stocks a surplus of pipe used for BBQ pit construction.
    DKM also offers many services such as cutting to length, welding, beveling, loading, painting and delivering of all your steel needs.

We Buy Pipe

    Operating throughout the continental United States, DKM specializes in the purchase of active and abandoned pipeline systems; new surplus; used pipe; line pipe; oilfield pipe; steel plate and valves. Additionally, DKM has expertise in the salvage of plants, tank farms and refineries.
    Salvage of pipelines for use as recycled structural materials is not only environmentally responsible, but in certain market situations DKM can offer more than most operating companies are willing to pay to for pipelines and pipeline systems.
    DKM is a mobile company owning all of its construction equipment and transport trucks, making it a true full-service source for your steel needs.
    DKM Enterprises is fully insured and is recognized as an approved contractor for many major energy companies. Our experienced personnel are certified, well-trained, and fully equipped for the removal of pipelines at any measure. Additionally, they are trained in the handling of materials and coatings that can be potentially hazardous to the environment.
    Removal of pipelines without incurring damage to the product is a specialty service. Many lay contractors or scrap dealers are capable of extracting pipelines from the ground, but contractor damage and neglect can jeopardize the pipe’s value as a used tubular product.
    Each pipeline is unique; different manageable challenges may occur on any line. Factors such as weather, ground conditions, congested work space, or even the discovery of product in a line can be some of the challenges that arise. As stated above, DKM’s combined 80 years of family experience in the pipeline removal business will allow the customer total assurance that any challenge can and will be handled with the utmost emphasis on safety and professionalism.

DKM Used Pipe

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DKM Used Pipe
DKM Used Pipe
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