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DKM Enterprises, LLC. Safety

DKM Enterprises, LLC is a member of ISNETWORLD. DKM Enterprises, LLC is Veriforce Qualified and our proven in house safety program demands understanding, compliance and perfection for the tasks our employees perform!

Our success as a company depends on the skills, energies and contributions of each and every employee. We believe safety, production, quality and preventative maintenance are inseparable. Simply stated, there is a right way to perform each job and task.

The company will strive to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and establish rules, procedures and training pursuant to this goal.

The management encourages individual responsibility and supports a climate of safety awareness and consistent enforcement of the safety program. It is the responsibility of each employee to comply with safety rules and to work in such a manner as to prevent injuries to themselves and others.

Think Safe
Work Safe
Be Safe!

General Safety Rules

  • Always report to your job rested, alert and ready to work.
  • Never operate any type of equipment or machinery in the workplace or as part of your work until you have been    properly trained and authorized.
  • All safety equipment and guarding must be in place.
  • Keep the work area clean.
  • Immediately report mechanical problems and/or unsafe conditions to the supervisor.
  • If you are unsure how to perform a job/task safely, STOP and ASK!
  • Do not clean, adjust or perform maintenance on any piece of equipment until it has been locked and tagged out.
  • Horseplay or reckless behavior is strictly prohibited.
  • Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited on company property and customer job sites. Violations will be subject to    disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

Employee Safety Responsibilities

  • Know, understand and comply with the safety policies, rules, procedures and safe work practices.
  • Report all accidents and injuries to the most immediately available supervisor.
  • If you do not understand are or not sure of a particular task, STOP and ASK!
  • Observe and correct unsafe acts of visitors, vendors, contractors and fellow employees.
  • Properly use and maintain required personal protective equipment.
  • Identify safety and / or operational problems and offer suggestions for corrective action.
  • Keep the work area clean and dispose of trash in trash can.
  • Safety is Your Responsibility!

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